What is QuickPay Code ? How To Use It ?

QuickPay code is also known as Statement ID/Access code which is located on the patient statement to pay medical bills through online. It is the unique identification code that is printed on statement received by the patient to pay medical bills or insurance bills.

To Login into QuickPayportal, you need to have Quickpay code. After entering the code, the authorization is granted and you’ll be logged into the account. Then you can start making payment using the code.

Few errors:

  • QuickPay Code is invalid. Please try again ?

Enter the accurate information which is exactly printed on the medical bill statement.

  • QuickPay  code has expired. The bill you are trying to view is more than a year old.

You can generate new Quickpaycode. Try contacting the concerned Technical department

  • QuickPay Code is no longer valid.

If you have completed your payment, you can see this message “The bill you are trying to view has been paid in full.

  • Quickpayportal code cannot be used, because the department does not support online payments.

But Making medical payments can be still done by mail or by contacting the practice listed on your bill.

  • All charges for this QuickPay code have been paid.

You can Check this in ” Recent Payable Charges Online ” in the Billing Tab. If you have paid all your bills, the additional charges will not be applied.